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Move from Okta
Authing can cover all the features provided by Okta, and is more in line with the market needs of mainland China. At present, many enterprises have chosen to replace Okta with Authing.
Why Authing instead of Okta?
Entering the Chinese market requires more localized authentication and access management services.
Using Authing
Enjoy more localized services
Qualified data security
Authing has ISO, three-level protection, GDPR and other data security certifications, and was included in the "China Network Security Industry White Paper" at the beginning of the launch.
Fast global response time
Authing has been deployed in multiple nodes around the world, and static files are globally accelerated using AliCloud CDN; the average response time is only 500 milliseconds, whether domestic or foreign.
Complete application ecology
Authing is pre-integrated with many common identity sources from home and abroad, including WeChat, Alipay, Weibo, Google, Apple, Twitter, etc., and can be configured in 500 milliseconds.
Active customer service
For enterprise customers, we provide exclusive customer success managers who can respond on average within 20 minutes; for individual developers, there is also a well-established developer forum to answer user questions.
Using Okta
Face challenges of Chinese localization
Unstandardized data security
Regulations in mainland China have strict requirements for security and user data protection. Using Okta directly in China requires solving multiple compliance issues on its own.
Slow Localized Response Time
Okta has not yet entered the mainland Chinese market, with a longer average response time and high latency in the country, which will affect the user login experience.
Lacking third-party identity sources
Okta lacks support for localized "third-party identity sources" such as WeChat, Alipay, etc. But in China, third-party login through these applications is essential.
Limited after-sales service
At present, Okta does not provide official support services in mainland China, with slow response from the community and time difference restrictions.
A globally online education platform
This platform serves 78M users in 180 countries, offering courses & teaching opportunities
Quickly connect to 3rd-party applications
Authing's comprehensive product features and professional service team helped us quickly land in the Chinese mainland market in a limited time, meeting stringent compliance requirements and connecting to apps like WeChat and Weibo.
Alpha Cen
Originating from Silicon Valley, with full-stack R&D capabilities for chip products
Efficiently unify identity authentication
After returning to China, we actively sought a product to benchmark Okta services. Authing provides interfaces and readable docs, allowing us to build a complete identity authentication management platform easily.
A renowned provider of cross-border logistics
Focusing on international logistics for 10 years, with millions of packages received and processed
Conveniently improving login experience
We considered Okta for mainland China, but high latency and a poor login experience caused us to choose Authing. Authing offers similar performance domestically and abroad, this helps us maintain a unified system in and outside China.
Expand your global business efficiently with Authing
Compared to Okta, Authing Identity Cloud provides the same comprehensive IDaaS capabilities,and more to meet the localization needs of China.
Official services in mainland China
SMS OTP coverage rate in mainland China
SMS OTP arrival time in mainland China
Chinese cloud services
Overseas application ecology
Automated identity synchronization
Automated identity management workflows

Choose Authing to increase company's productivity

  • High-security
    • Data is stored encrypted with AES-256, transmitted encrypted with SSL/TLS.
    • Provide 7x24 hours of security emergency response; data backup in two locations and three centers.
    • Obtained multiple certifications such as ISO, Level 3 of Security Protection, Data Protection Regulations, etc.
  • High-performance
    • Cloud-native: Using Kubernetes containerization technology, supporting minute level elastic expansion and maximum support for billion level user authentication access scenarios.
    • Cloud-neutral: Maximum compatibility with users' cloud environments, not tied to original cloud vendors.
  • High productivity
    • Developer friendly: Provide rich login, authentication, authorization API/SDK to reduce R&D cost.
    • Fast integration with 2000+ mainstream applications, easy and efficient to build identity middleware.

Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.