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Microsoft AD Optimization Solution
Migrate AD data to Authing at a low cost, achieving a flexible and secure identity management system to support business expansion in the next 5-10 years.
Why enterprises accelerated AD replacement?
Strict policy
demands compliant IAM solutions
Due to tense Sino-US relations, policies promote migration to domestic innovative systems for establishing an independent and controllable software ecosystem. AD, as part of the Microsoft ecosystem, will encounter future challenges.
Increasing AD attacks
require more secure strategies
Approximately 50% of organizations worldwide that utilize AD have encountered targeted AD attacks within the past 1-2 years, with a success rate of over 40%. It is noteworthy that the HIP Global Conference emphasized the significance of AD protection.
Why Choose Authing instead of AD?
Traditional AD solution challenges
authingUnsupported multiple authentication protocols
AD only supports LDAP and Kerberos, requiring high integration costs for additional systems.
authingDifficult to meet various identity scenarios
AD focuses on "in-domain access control," with limited capabilities in SSO, data sync, and account management.
authingHigh coupling, making failures easy to occur
High coupling leads to frequent failures. Enterprises rely on AD as the core server for system logins, so AD restarts or updates can impact other systems.
authingLimited scalability, making upgrades difficult
With a history of 20 years, AD lacks robust APIs and scalability, resulting in high IT operation and maintenance costs.
Use Authing for domestic identity management
authingIntegrate protocols and apps, reduce dev costs
Authing supports LDAP, OIDC, OAuth2.0, SAML, CAS, and other protocols, and comes pre-integrated with 2000+ common apps for easy enterprise integration.
authingSuitable for diverse identity management scenarios
Authing enables easy unified identity management for enterprises. It integrates with AD, offering SSO, lifecycle and permission management, and MFA.
authingEasily decouple from AD and reduce maintenance risks
Using Authing as the primary identity platform separates identity and device information, reducing AD domain accidents and relieving IT workload.
authingSupport business expansion with PaaS capabilities
Authing offers APIs/SDKs and login components, utilizing cloud-native and serverless capabilities to adapt to business needs, reduce IT efforts.
Top domestic innovators select Authing
Smooth migration 100%
By using Authing's identity automation and metadata capabilities, the AD directory is fully mapped to Authing without directory reconstruction.
Manufacturing industry
Leading domestic IDM semiconductor firm completes construction and production of 12-inch wafer fab.
Product Usage
AD Migration
Authing decouples AD device management from user account management, reducing maintenance risks and achieving unified identity authentication.

Zero migration burden

imperceptible to end users

Authing aids large enterprises in seamless migration, gaining valuable expertise.

Data fully mapped, no reconstruction required

Enable efficient sync of directory frameworks and confirm data relationships for enterprises.

Integrate data without system transformation

Through Authing's identity automation, unify the management of data across multiple apps.

Secure connections for data migration

Store user credentials on your own server, fully control user data.

Choose Authing to increase company's productivity

  • High-security
    • Data is stored encrypted with AES-256, transmitted encrypted with SSL/TLS.
    • Provide 7x24 hours of security emergency response; data backup in two locations and three centers.
    • Obtained multiple certifications such as ISO, Level 3 of Security Protection, Data Protection Regulations, etc.
  • High-performance
    • Cloud-native: Using Kubernetes containerization technology, supporting minute level elastic expansion and maximum support for billion level user authentication access scenarios.
    • Cloud-neutral: Maximum compatibility with users' cloud environments, not tied to original cloud vendors.
  • High productivity
    • Developer friendly: Provide rich login, authentication, authorization API/SDK to reduce R&D cost.
    • Fast integration with 2000+ mainstream applications, easy and efficient to build identity middleware.

Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.
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