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Government Solution
Utilizing Authing to enable citizens to securely log in to all government systems with a single account, supporting digital transformation.
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Industry Challenges
Data isolation, decentralized security
Identity data is scattered on different platforms, and each department has its own departmental system and process. In government affairs, different systems and processes will reduce the coordination and organization of work and greatly reduce work efficiency and coordination.
High maintenance costs and limited functions
Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, big data, identity and other technologies continue to be updated. Synchronous updates of government internal systems require expensive maintenance costs and continuous development and innovation capabilities. At the same time, many functions are restricted due to technical reasons.
The deployment environment is complex
Different software deployed in different cloud environments will face intricate management situations such as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, which will make management extremely difficult.
Citizen experience needs continuous improvement
Serving people is the primary task of governments at all levels. At the same time as the digital reform of the government, the user experience of citizens has also become an important challenge. It is necessary to provide citizens with more flexible digital services and fast online services. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the needs of citizens of different ages, different attributes, and different businesses, so that digital government services can provide a quality life for every citizen.
Solution Value
Quick deployment, smooth and non-sense
Multiple security, trustworthy
One software, global monitoring
Collect once, work smoothly
Quick deployment, smooth and non-sense
The Authing platform is ready to use, and automatically installs and updates. It only takes a few hours to build a new government software based on Authing, or to connect old software to Authing, without repeated programming and provides a software development kit (SDK) and the application interface (API) in 10+ languages.
Multiple security, trustworthy
After conducting a lot of research on data security supervision technology, Authing has improved the monitoring, discovery and processing capabilities for security risks such as illegal cross-border data flows, and adopted global MFA to improve overall security. On the one hand, the login environment is constantly monitored to make all government applications more secure; on the other hand, to increase the usability of users, even if they forget their passwords, fingerprints, SMS, dynamic passwords, face recognition, etc. can be used as authentication factors.
One software, global monitoring
Centralized control of user behavior information and portrait information when accessing government services. Through big data technology, it can realize cross-domain and cross-channel comprehensive analysis, explore the people's government needs, and improve the quality and efficiency of government services.
Collect once, work smoothly
Users centrally manage personal information and authorize to fill in forms to realize the smooth operation of the "One Number" of the masses, avoid repetitive submission of personal information and service materials to departments and institutions, and realize the diversified collection, intercommunication and sharing of basic user information, and multi-party utilization.
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