Authing SSO Platform

Authing single sign-on technology enables members and customers to access any software service from a single location without any development, and unify control over identity rights.

If you are a developer, Authing also supports easy single sign-on via any protocol such as OAuth2, OIDC, SAML, LDAP, etc., with a unified user pool and a minimum of five lines of code for login customization.

authing iam sso
SSO applications in different scenarios
authing sso
Workforce Identity
Customer Identity
For customers

Strictly control permissions: Identity management solutions provide an easy way to control different access levels of users. When employees join the company or are promoted, they can easily assign and change permissions for different applications in one place. Companies can also easily cancel or revoke access to all different platforms.

Efficient office: Authing provides a one-stop team application platform for enterprises, enabling access to any local and cloud software services in one place, and centrally control their access permissions to create an efficient office method.

Easy integration: Integrating enterprise systems, bringing together thousands of integrated applications, helping companies find suitable technologies, including excellent companies such as Amazon, Higher Education Press, Southeast University, and making IT management simple.

Facilitate Business: In any browser, on any device, Authing can provide end-users with a cross-platform, non-differentiated Single sign-on experience. Promote customer collaboration by providing customers with a unified brand access experience.

Analyze opportunities: use Authing to integrate multiple user data from different identity sources. Once desensitized, companies can use this data to effectively drive marketing and sales opportunities.

Accelerated go-live: Authing provides an intuitive login interface to optimize registration and login, dramatically shortening the design cycle, saving marketing resources, and enabling rapid go-live of business applications.

Achieving customer success is our goal. As enterprises become more digital, every government and business is using or developing multiple software technologies. No matter what the platform, no matter what the technology, with Authing documentation and SDKs, you can integrate single sign-on, certification, and authorization quickly.

Advantages of Authing SSO
Authing supports any protocol via OAuth2, OIDC, SAML, LDAP, etc., with a unified user pool and a minimum of six lines of code for easy single sign-on.
authing sso security
High security
No password transmission during the process.
Regular key rotation between Authing and the docking application.
Using a token failure mechanism to effectively prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and replay attacks.
Fine-grained mapping and conversion management of user identity attributes.
authing sso sdk
Authing SDK support for interface-less applications or self-developed systems
Supports SAML, OIDC, CAS, OAuth, and other international standard protocols.
Set different password policies for different people (groups).
The application can be completed through a simple configuration to open.
Support for a custom standard protocol (custom protocol): nail, Tencent, etc.
authing sso saas
Pre-integrated with a wide range of mainstream SaaS and on-premise applications
Authing provides an SDK for manufacturers without a single sign-on interface or for self-developed systems.
supporting multiple languages such as Java, Python, Node.js, PHP and so on.
Authing single sign-on access with as little as 5 lines of code.
authing sso engine
A powerful access policy engine
Set corresponding access rights security policies for different departments, applications, personnel.
Other attributes as needed to improve security.
Integration of secondary authentication services to increase the corresponding security level.
Support any number of security policies.
authing advance
Connect people and applications around the world