Covering Three Major Scenarios
Creating Efficient Office Practices and Seamless User Experiences
Integration of applications into the login portal
Integrate WeChat, Ding Talk, LARK, Welink and other applications into one work platform for single sign-on.
Unified user account for easier login
Bind multiple sets of associated accounts to a user's unique mobile phone number/email address to unify the account system of the application matrix and reduce duplicate logins.
Access SSO to customer projects
Directly reuse Authing's single sign-on capabilities across multiple customer projects, reducing labour and time costs for duplicate development.
Building a Highly Scalable Single Sign-On Platform
Using Flexible Components
Pre-integrated with 2000+ apps out of the box
Authing is pre-integrated with 2000+ haynesville and overseas applications such as WeChat, LARK , Google, Aliyun, etc. Enterprises can fully integrate relevant applications within a week with only simple operation in the background.
Supports multiple authentication protocols
Authing supports various federation authentication protocols such as OAuth 2 , OIDC, SAML, CAS, LDAP, and more, reducing the development costs for enterprises in the underlying identity infrastructure.
Protecting Login Security
Reducing the Risk of Data Leakage Due to Abnormal Logins
MFA adds extra protection for enterprise
Automatically triggering secondary authentication during abnormal logins or risky behavior enhances enterprise asset security.
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Restrict access to ensure appropriate use
Using Authing to set permission policies, authorize based on user roles, ensuring each user's access and operations on resources.
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Comprehensive audit logs make login actions traceable
Authing provides User Behaviour Logs and Administrator Logs for IT staff to troubleshoot and trace the cause of problems.
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