Developing a Login Authentication Module
Far More Trouble Than You Think
The amount of development you thought
Just a login form, what's so difficult about that?
The real amount of development
Integrating login methods, configuring authentication flows, designing frontend styles, and repeatedly developing login modules for various applications...
Easily Branded Configurations
Enhance User Perception
Customize Login
View doc
Regular login
Forgot password
Enterprise account login
Social account login
Function Configuration
Identity Protoco
+ Add
Complete information
Using function to collect information when user login/register.
No code
With code
Custom background
Custom Icon
Upload Icon
Language Setup
Switch Language
Eliminate Tedious Development
Accelerate Product Launch
Support multiple login and registration methods
Choose the right login method according to your product attributes:
· Account password login
· Mobile phone/email verification code login
· APP Code Login
· App Login
Adapt your login source based on user preferences:
Built-in supportive login measures
Built-in forgot password process:
Developers don't need to build their own, end-users can easily retrieve their own passwords
Built-in login information completion process:
After enabling the setting, users will be prompted to complete information after logging in/registering. Binding is achieved effortlessly by using a phone number/email as the unique identity, easily realizing One-ID.
Easily add multi-factor authentication for your users
Authing provides dynamic tokens, SMS, email, OTP, face recognition and other secondary authentication methods to meet a variety of login scenarios, effectively preventing the risk of theft and data leakage, developers do not need to write additional code, direct access can be used.
Supports responsive layout for multiple platforms
Low-code implementation for customized frontend styles
Utilize Guard to create a login box, allowing color and logo changes without the need for code. It seamlessly adapts to both mobile and PC platforms. For a more personalized brand style, easily customize the login box style using CSS.
Compatible with mainstream frontend frameworks
Support front-end mainstream framework, support iOS, Android system:
Whether you are developing software for the iOS or Android system, using React, Vue, Angular, or any JavaScript frontend framework, Authing can support you in quickly providing users with a smooth login authentication experience.