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Yuanqi Forest

Customer Introduction

Yuanqi Forest Food Technology Group, established in 2016, is an innovative beverage company with independent research and development and independent design. The brand adheres to the mission of "User First", based on health needs, breaking taste barriers, and delivering the concept of healthy life. At present, Yuanqi Forest series products have covered the whole country and exported to more than 40 countries and regions including the United States, New Zealand and Singapore.

Yuanqi Forest has been learning the gameplay of traditional industries, and it is subverting the gameplay of traditional industries. Before 2020, the ratio of online and offline sales of Yuanqi Forest is 7:3, and in 2021, offline sales will likely surpass online. On the gold-letter brand list released by China Business News last year, Yuanqi Forest topped the list of carbonated beverages. At the same time, the annual sales of Yuanqi Forest in 2020 will also reach about 3 billion.


Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
Yuanqi Forest currently has more than 5,000 employees’ application login management and authorization issues, and with the continuous growth of employees, traditional IAM is difficult to solve the problem of continuous expansion. How to use universal login to manage the roles and permissions of internal users to ensure that security is built into each The level system corresponding to employees is the current difficulty in the management of operation and maintenance personnel.
Challenge 2
The integration of dozens of internal application systems, open up with the identity system, integrate Feishu, through Feishu to open up the organizational structure system, to achieve employee single sign-on, the current self-research efforts are relatively large, and the time period is long.
Challenge 3
I hope to find an identity cloud provider to solve the ever-increasing application and staff size, and to respond to the continuous expansion of the enterprise in the future to bring sustainable growth and high efficiency.

How Authing Solves

Authing's breakthrough single sign-on technology does not require any development, and quickly helps Yuanqi Forest realize that employees can log in to all applications with one account and password, and uniformly control identity permissions.
Authing provides identity supply for Yuanqi Forest by connecting with Feishu's product level, realizing different access levels based on Feishu's organizational structure, and saving 80% of the workload of operation and maintenance personnel.
Authing provides a one-stop team application platform for Yuanqi Forest, realizes members and centralized management and control of access rights, creates an efficient office method, simplifies personnel and IT management, and accelerates enterprise growth.

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