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Customer Introduction

Shanghai Xiangong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (SEER) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent production and intelligent logistics. Its business covers various fields, such as General Amr controller, enterprise digital middle platform, vision system based cooperative solution of vehicle factory and automatic forklift AMR provides one-stop full perception logistics solutions for customers in various industries, supports non-standard applications with standard products, and is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial informatization, digitization and intelligence.

From discovering demand to solving demand, from solving demand to creating demand, SEER insists on seeking breakthrough between customer demand and its own multi-level demand, focusing on industrial intelligence, carrying out open innovation, and creating value for partners.


Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
The user management ability of enterprise infrastructure platform is weak, at the same time, the technical means are relatively backward, the data between application systems are isolated from each other, the unified management can not be carried out, and the data island effect exists.
Challenge 2
With the development of business and the rapid increase of the number of employees, in the complex business scenarios and organizational structure, the authority management and allocation of internal employees has become a difficult problem.
Challenge 3
There is no unified identity authentication and authorization process among the internal systems of the enterprise. When users use the application system, they need to repeat the authentication and authorization process, which hinders the production efficiency and the user experience is poor.

How Authing Solves

Based on the cloud native Authing identity infrastructure platform, it helps enterprises complete the digital transformation and cloud identity integration, breaks the data island, and provides a standard and unified identity system for enterprises.
Authing is based on RBAC / ABAC privilege system model, which helps enterprises achieve efficient, flexible and fine-grained privilege management and allocation.
Authing supports a variety of standard authentication and authorization protocols: oidc, oauth2, SAML, CAS, etc. through single sign on between applications, it realizes a unified authentication and authorization process and greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises.
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